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We believe in helping you break out of your comfort zone to elevate your business and life

Seeing people kick-ass in their business while enjoying every bit of their extraordinary life absolutely fires me up! Here at PBN, we believe in implementing tactical business strategies while leading with our purpose.

Our coaching courses reflect this belief. We enjoy being in business with entrepreneurs that wake up each and every day to move the needle forward. Let's build an empire


B-Weekly Live Group Coaching

Join six-figure entrepreneur, Madison Reeves, in monthly group coaching calls with entrepreneurs that prioritize breaking out of their comfort zone to increase their bottom line. If you're looking for tactical business strategy, networking with other business owners, and discussion on the most important topics, this program is for you! 

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"Madison has been a Godsend when it comes to actually organizing my business.."

"Before she started coaching me, everything was all over the place, no organization, no rhyme or reason. After I started working with her, my internal and external operations are now a well-oiled machine and I can see it in the increase in my sales production. In less than 45 days of working with Madison, I doubled my sales volume and income. I would recommend Madison for anybody looking for a business coach, regardless if they’ve been an entrepreneur for years or months, and for those that think that they don’t need a coach - you do!”

-Trey, Futura Security Group

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Weekly one-on-one coaching

Our weekly one-on-one coaching is designed specifically for entrepreneurs that are looking for radical change in their business and lifestyle. We focus on leading with your "Big Why", developing a business plan, breaking through challenges, and moving the needle towards your extraordinary life.

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