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  • What will it cost to purchase a copy of Project Badass?
    E-Book will be $6.99, Soft-Cover will be $16.99 and Hard-Cover will be $26.99
  • What is the book about?
    Is the vision you have for your life misaligned with society’s standard of what a successful life looks like? Are you having difficulty achieving your dream life the “regular” way? It’s time for a new approach! Nineteen year old CEO, entrepreneur, and real estate guru, Madison Reeves tells how she went from an empty bank account and negative mindset to achieving her extraordinary goals and living a lifestyle many only dream of. Growing up poor, Madison was determined to escape her past trauma and open the door to opportunity. Now that she is living her dream life, sharing her approach to greatness with others is one of her greatest passions. Project Badass is an inspirational, tactical guide, complete with real-life, easy to understand advice and exercises to take you from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll discover: - How to set and achieve your goals - How to eliminate bad habits. - Tools to let go of the obstacles that are holding you back. - How to define your extraordinary life. - How to hold yourself accountable. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a student, if you’re ready to get uncomfortable, break boundaries, and chase after your dreams, this book is your blueprint!
  • When will it be available to purchase?
    It is currently for sale on Amazon and other major retailers
  • Will signed copies be available?
    Yes! Signed Copies are currently available at There are only 25 signed copies available at this time.
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